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Discovery Ramp Deflector Kit

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A very engaging way to demonstrate Geometry and Physics concepts – place a deflector at the end of your ramp system and watch the balls bounce against it and change their angle of trajectory!

Give the children in your class the opportunity to learn geometry with hands-on experimentation and play when using this STEM teaching kit. The Deflector Kit also adds great value to your Discovery Ramps!

The Kodo Kids Deflector Kit demonstrates the very important concepts of the angle of incidence and deflection of an object in a playful manner. Made of quality wood and durable elastic bands that create a four-sided structure to be used with ramp tracks or other equipment.

To the unfamiliar eye, a Deflector might look like a typical loose part for your construction area, and while it is that, it is also so much more!  The Deflector was designed originally to support ramp systems. The idea behind the deflector is that the rubber band “walls” provide a bouncy surface that can be used to change the path of a moving object (most often balls that are being rolled along ramps). Children can experiment with the angle of incidence to adjust the direction their balls roll after bouncing off the Deflector Walls. The open-ended nature of the Deflector’s design also makes it a wonderful tool for children to use as tunnels, structural supports, or for other purposes to suit their creative needs.

Deflectors are very easy and very quick to assemble. Each kit comes with components for four sets of deflectors. Two arms slot together to form a cross, and then three rubber bands are stretched around the arms to form a square box with rubber band walls. We recommend evenly spacing the rubber bands out to provide a nice, large surface area for deflection.

The Deflector Kit includes:

– 8 x  wooden deflector ‘arms’

– Durable elastic bands

Please note:

  • Simple assembly required
  • Makes four sets of deflectors
  • Band colour may vary

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