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Deluxe 8 Wooden Ball Bowls Bocce Game Set

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Bocce is a great game to play outside at social clubs, events, birthdays, weddings, gatherings or as just a general fun activity with family and friends. Bocce can be conducted between two players or teams of two, three or four. The court size to play bocce depends on the size of your backyard or lawn. It can be even enjoyed playing at a park near you. It has a rich history and has been around for many centuries.

Bocce Includes:
8 Wooden Balls (2 different colours)
1 Pallino Ball
Rules included
Packed into Cardboard Box
Diameter Size of the ball is: 7cm
Overall Weight of the bocce ball set is: 700g
For ages 3+ years.

How To Play Bocce:
It can be played by two, four, or eight players on two teams. It consists of a predetermined number of frames and each frame is complete once all balls have been thrown. A coin toss decides which individual or team will start the frame. The team who wins tosses the pallino on to the playing area and then throws their first bocce ball. Similarly, the opponent throws their first ball and this continues with alternate chances until all the balls are on the playing area. The aim of the game is to get the bocce ball as close as possible to the pallino. By the end of each frame, the bocce ball that is closest to the pallino wins. For each closer ball, the team or individual receives one point. The individual or team who secures the predetermined score is the winner!

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