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There’s something about the change of season in Melbourne, daylight savings has ended and the sun has set by 6pm, for me this always signals the Spanish Film Festival is about to arrive.  Things have changed for me slightly over the past 5 years, I now have a 4 year old daughter and another little girl who is 5 ½ months old, so the days of heading out spur of the moment are on hold for now or at least limited.

However, with Spanish being one of my passions, I always make sure I book in a couple of dates with myself to sit in a quiet quaint theatre and escape.

Palace Cinema Westgarth

Palace Cinemas Westgarth

For all the mumma’s out there it is also a great way to have a break from your nightly routine… some women thrive on the day in day out routine however for me it has been a struggle with the never ending housework, cleaning, always doing things for myself last - so locking in a few nights that I disappear into the night to watch and immerse myself in Spanish is a lifesaver for me.  My partner also encourages me to do this and it gives him some alone time with the girls.   

Coffee at Westgarth Melbourne - Salsa and Gigi

Coffee time at any number of fabulous High St coffee shops

I plan the movies, plan the feeds for my baby and make sure I arrive with enough time to stroll down High St, where my local Palace Cinema is located, watch the trams pass by, have a coffee at one of the trendy cafe's, soak up the evening smell and look at the tremendous view of Melbourne city – simply magical.

Melbourne City Night View from High St Northcote Sensational view of Melbourne City 

The festival visits 7 Australian cities, slightly different dates, and show the most amazing and interesting films, there is something to cater for everyone depending on what interests you.  Of course don’t forget you don’t actually need to know Spanish but you might need to take your glasses to read the subtitles… 

Sydney April 18 to May 7
Canberra – April 19 to May 7
Melbourne – April 20 to May 7
Adelaide – April 26 to May 14
Brisbane – April 27 to May 14
Perth – April 27 to May 17
Hobart – May 11 to May 17

My pick of movies to look out for are:

Sara Baras, All Her Voices (Todas Las Voces)
A documentary about the legendary Flamenco dancer, her history and behind the scenes journey for her most recent show that toured Australia in 2016 called Voces.

Sara Baras, All Her Voices (Todas Las Voces)


The Queen of Spain (La Reina de España)
Penélope Cruz stars in a 1950’s comedy / drama.

The Queen of Spain (La Reina de España)


A Stroke of Luck (Villaviciosa de al Lado)
A laugh out loud comedy about a small town, a lottery win – but the ticket was purchased in a location the men need to keep secret from their wives…  

A Stroke of Luck (Villaviciosa de al Lado)


If you’re not into Spanish you can still break away for a night to go and see your own style of movie, just try – try for a couple of hours to focus on you! 

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Sophie xx

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