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Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults | Salsa and Gigi Australia | Express Shipping

“How shall we get people to attend our Halloween party?” asked James of his sister, Nessa. “Last year so few of our classmates showed. We have to make it amazing this year.” James set down the stack of invites he had in his hand.

Nessa set her book down. “What we need to do is invite creatures of the night to come. Once our guests hear that, everyone will want an invitation.”

“Sounds like a good idea, but how are we going to do that?”

Nessa shrugged. I suppose we could find some skeletons at the local cemetery. There would probably even be a zombie or demon or three.”

“You’re right. And with creatures of the night will come the Ghostbusters, said James. He jumped off the couch. “Let’s do it! Soon, it’ll be dark enough out that we can hand out invitations.”

“Okay,” said Nessa. “But we can’t just walk in like this.” She gestured down at her cute blue dress.

“Why?” asked James.

“We look like the living. We’ll have to wear costumes tonight.”

“Okay, let’s raid the attic treasure chest and see what we can find.”

Later that night, the youngsters had great fun creeping down the hallway, trying not to disturb their parents who were baking Halloween cupcakes in the kitchen.

Up in the attic they dumped the treasure chest on the floor. Out toppled all manner of disguises. Nessa held up a witch’s costume, then a monster bride’s costume.

“No, those don’t suit you,” said James. “You’re more of a pirate.” He tossed her the pirate costume.

Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults | Salsa and Gigi Australia | Express Shipping

“Arrrr,” said Nessa, holding it up. “And who will you be?”

“I’ll be a voodoo boy.” He put the top hat on his head.

“Perfect! Let’s get dressed, then head to the cemetery.”

Soon the kids were on the way to the cemetery.

“It’s so spooky here,” said Nessa, watching where she walked. She didn’t want to step on anybody.

A fine mist floated through the air. James was a bit jumpy. He was worried that two young kids shouldn’t be walking through the cemetery alone at night.

“Calling all creatures of the night,” whispered James.

“Who goes there?” called out a disembodied voice.

“Ahh!” screamed Nessa.

James’ held his cane up in the air. “It’s only us,” he replied.

Then a swamp boy came up out of the ground.

“Sorry sir, to intrude. But we have some invitations we’d like to hand out.” Nessa gestured at her brother, who held them up in his hands.

“Invitations?” asked a crazy clown, popping into the clearing.

“Yes, to a Halloween party on Saturday,” explained James.

Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults | Salsa and Gigi Australia | Express Shipping

“Oh, we don’t go to parties. We’d frighten the adults,” explained a zombie.

“Oh, we know that,” said Nessa. “But it’s a dress-up party. So, you can come as you are.”

“Oh, so this party celebrates diversity and inclusion?” the red devil asked.

“Yes, exactly,” said James. He then went and handed out the invites. “I also have extra, if you want to hand them out to all your friends.”

“We need to get back,” said Nessa. “Our parents must be nearly done with the cupcakes and will wonder where we are.”

“Bye!’ they both called, waving at the creatures of the night.

“Bye, see you soon!” the creatures answered back.

As the children raced back to their house they giggled.

“Hey, I have no invites left to invite our classmates,” said James.

“Well, I think we already have enough guests, but just make up some more tomorrow. No one is going to miss this party.”

“It’s going to be a fantastic party!” James replied.


The End.

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