BEST Toddler Beds to Transition from Cot to 'BIG' Bed

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It’s a common question for Mum’s whether you’re a first time Mum or it’s your 3rd child – when to transition your toddler out of the cot?  There is certainly no hard and fast rule about what is right, you do need to read the signs and judge it on your child – some will be ready very early others not until closer to 3 years.  Other circumstances might also come into effect for example our situation where we don’t have a room for our second and needed to wait until we logistically decide how we are going to fit both girls comfortably in a room together.

Currently our baby (well she is 2) is still sleeping beside me in our bedroom in her cot.  I have never been in any hurry to get her out of here, during the night I hear a little rattle of the railing which is  her standing up, she then says ‘Mum’ and I lean over and bring her to sleep between us in our bed.  I have to say I absolutely adore her sleeping between us and I know from experience with our older daughter that the time won’t last – so I’m soaking it up!

Last night she cried and tried to go to sleep in her sister’s bed in her room – bingo – this is the sign that it is time for us to transition her into a shared room then into a bed of her own being a toddler bed.  What we might do first though is move her into her sister’s room (to then be known as the girls’ bedroom) and have her sleep in her cot for a few months, then make the move to her very own toddler bed.  Mmmm I wonder how they will go getting to sleep in the same room at the same bedtime – I’ll let you know. 😊

We are very lucky that both girls once they fall asleep have good nights’ sleep so hopefully getting out and walking around will no be any concern for us.  The toddler bed size is perfect for this next stage of growth as it gives them independence and ease of getting in and out of the bed by themselves and keeping with the same mattress size as the cot so they don’t suddenly feel lost in their new piece of furniture. 

I say just don’t be in a rush… they’ll be in a big bed and off to school before you know it!

Another thing to think about is lighting, we found some fabulous night lights which we have in the hallway, in the toilet and in the bathroom, they go on when activated by movement and stay on for a few minutes.  They are run on batteries so no need for concern about being plugged into the power sockets (although how many of us had the plug-in night lights when we were kids and we were fine?) We’ll need to make sure there is nothing that she can trip over and no choking hazards if she gets up earlier than us and starts to play. 

I must tell you this story as it is very funny… Miss 2 woke up early one Sunday morning (yes true to form they NEVER sleep in on the weekends…arghhh), we put on her favourite TV show The Wiggles and placed her on the couch, we then tried to at least have a bit more of a lie in bed even though we can’t sleep.  Next thing we know she’s dragging the cereal box down the hallway with the bowls in the other hand, I think the bowls dropped (melamine so didn’t break) and she continued to come in and put the box up on the bed right where our faces were – very funny and oh so cute. If she was up and out of bed, we all had to be! 

There has been a very long wait for new toddler bed designs to come into store, but I have some great news for everyone that has been waiting patiently for our new beds.  Stock is about to land on our shores and then shipped to your houses and into your child’s bedroom.  This is super exciting for us too – have a look at these amazing new designs.  We will be getting the Unicorn and Rainbow for Miss 2 – can’t wait!  Which one will you choose?

Unicorn and Rainbow Toddler Bed – stunning design with a pretty light up canopy and storage drawer.  Order today from Salsa and Gigi Australia.

Unicorn and Rainbow Kids Toddler Bed with Canopy and Storage Drawer by HelloHome - Salsa and Gigi Australia

Dinosaur Toddler Bed – this bed has the wow factor, comes with canopy and storage drawer.

Dinosaur Kids Toddler Bed with Canopy and Storage Drawer by HelloHome

Princess Carriage Toddler Bed – this was so popular with all the little Princesses out there that more are on their way. Join Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty under a pretty bed canopy as they take her on a magical adventure to the land of sleep.  Also comes with storage drawers.

Disney Princess Carriage Toddler Bed - Worlds Apart HelloHome - Salsa and Gigi Australia

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Toddler Bed – comes with storage drawers and protective side panels.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Kids Toddler Bed with Storage by HelloHome - Salsa and Gigi Australia

One more to add just because 😊

For all those Lego and building block fans out there check out this single bed also arriving with the toddler beds – from the Room 2 Build range and is sure to be a hit!

Room 2 Build Kids Single Bed with Storage by HelloHome - Salsa and Gigi Australia

More to come in 2019 too – this is a preview and you can place your orders for any of these 5 beds today! 

Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Spider-Man – toddler beds, single beds, tables and chairs, toy boxes… so much more to come.  Let me know what your little one is into – it’s great to know what my customers are going to want to purchase – that way I can do my best to try to accommodate and get you what you want.

Thanks for reading and visiting us at Salsa and Gigi 😊

Soph xxx


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