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Be the Hero in Your Own Daydream

Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Ladies Costume

Harley Quinn was done with the Joker. She could and would survive on her own. Sure, she’d loved him in the past, even allowed him to transform her, and they quickly became sidekick supervillains. It had been fun. But now it was time to grow up (just a little bit) and start helping women. She was tired of playing the victim, now it was time to be the hero.

Harley Quinn looked down at her old outfit. It had suited her in the past, but now she needed a new one. She stood in front of her vast closet.

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Movie | Be the Hero in Your Own Daydream |

She had an appointment to meet up with Black Canary, Huntress, and Rene Montoya. She knew they’d all be amazing, but they’d also be wearing fantastic costumes too. So, she couldn’t show up in something she’d worn for the past few decades.

She tossed off her old clothes and flipped through her closet hangers. But nothing was suitable here.

But where would she find a new outfit? She looked down at herself. She’d couldn’t shop naked. But first… hair and makeup!

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Movie | Be the Hero in Your Own Daydream |

She artfully arranged her hair into two high ponytails but they wouldn’t do what she wanted. She shrugged. She painted her face carefully. She didn’t want to do a bad job like the Joker had. She painted a black heart onto her cheek so she’d always remember her one true love, and then painted her lips red.

Her doorbell rang. “Oh dear!” she said, quickly covering up with a robe.

At the door was a delivery truck driver. He handed over a package to her. She signed for it, then locked it up.

She gazed down at the box. It said “Salsa and Gigi” on the box. Beneath, was the web address:

“But I don’t recall ordering anything, did I?”

She put the box down, grabbed the scissors and opened it up.

Inside were two bats. “Oh right, now I remember!” She eagerly pulled out the first Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Inflatable Bat. “This will be good for parties.” She set it aside, the pulled out the second bat, the Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Neoprene Bat. “And this is for when I mean business!”

She swung it through the air. “Nice! It was about time I replaced my bat.” Then she set it down, for she spied something else in the box.

She removed the clear plastic package. That’s right, she’d ordered the Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Ladies Costume, Adult Sized, of course.

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Movie | Be the Hero in Your Own Daydream |

Beneath that was the Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Adult Sized Wig with two ponytails – one pink and one turquoise. That was the solution as she couldn’t get her own hair just right.

She eagerly whipped off her robe and put her new costume on. There was a colourful pink crop top with black & white striped shorts. The jacket was clear vinyl, with a bright and flashy scarf and black boots.

She grabbed her bats and was ready to go! No one would see her coming!

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Movie | Be the Hero in Your Own Daydream |


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