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A Good Night’s Sleep

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The twins never seemed to stay in their crib the entire night. Mum and Dad were frustrated.

“I believe they’re trying to tell us something,” said Mum, yawning into her coffee.

“They’ve outgrown that crib,” said Dad. “But we have no time to look in the shops for suitable toddler beds or kid’s furniture.”

Mum sighed. “They’re also the right age where they need kids’ outdoor play equipment. Soon summer will be here. When I was a child, I had two swing sets, a sandpit and a cubby house.”

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Dad picked up his smart phone. “You know, they sell everything else online, they must sell toddler’s beds too.”

Frozen bed!” cried out one of the twins.

Thomas the Tank Engine bed,” the other twin said.

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Their parents laughed.

“Guess what?” Dad asked.

Mum looked up at him.

“There’s actually this Australian site, called Salsa and Gigi.”

“I love the name!” She peered over his arm to have a look. “Oh, look at the bright and colourful furnishings. I do think we shall find children’s beds for them.”

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“Affordable toddler beds and accessories too.”

Mum smiled. “It’s settled then. We’ll get them their favourite characters. Frozen and Thomas the Tank Engine beds. Though the Minnie Mouse and Unicorn beds look cute too.”

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“Good idea, it was simple enough to put the toddler’s beds into the cart. Check out looks simple too. I’m glad they make it simple for us busy Australian parents. Sometimes when you have young kids, you have to shop quickly.”

Mum finished her coffee. “I do hope this is going to work!”

Their new toddler beds were promised to arrive within 2 to 6 days for metro regions of Australia.

The parents had a few more sleepless nights, allowing the toddlers to hop into bed with them. But it was all worth it. They just had to drink a bit more coffee the next morning.

“They’re here!” called out Dad. “But some assembly is required.”

“No problem,” said Mum, bringing the large toolbox into the living room.

They tore open the boxes and had the beds assembled quickly.

They surprised their children later that night.

“Yay,” both kids called out, quickly settling into their new toddler beds.

Mum and Dad covered them with the sheets.

“Good night sweeties!”

Their parents were so exhausted that they too headed for bed.

The next morning, everyone woke up, happy and well-rested.

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The End.



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