5 Most Inspiring & Fun Dollhouses for Kids in 2020

Best dollhouses in Australia Chelsea Doll Cottage dollhouse Grand Estate Mansion mansion Sparkle Mansion Teeny Caravan House Uptown Dollhouse

Dollhouses are the one toy that everyone remembers from their childhood. Not only are they fun for all ages, but they can also be decorated and redecorated to your heart’s content. Here are five of the best dollhouses on the market today that will keep your kids playing for hours so that you can finish your work.

  1. KidKraft Grand Estate Mansion Dollhouse with EZ Kraft Assembly

    This huge mansion is a new arrival and is perfect if you have more than one child, as each can have their own section to organize and play in. All rooms in the home are included, and it even has a bathroom, two balconies for outdoor space, and garage with 2 working doors. This house is realistic, with a piano that actually plays music, and a lamp that lights up. This house will fit all Barbie dolls and related sizes. It may seem daunting to assemble a dollhouse of this size, but KidKraft has actually made it extremely simple for you.

KidKraft Grand Estate Mansion Dollhouse - Best Dollhouses for 2020 - Salsa and Gigi Australia


  1. KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse with Outdoor Swimming Pool

    If you’re seeking a dollhouse that has everything, this Uptown dollhouse has a spiral staircase and an outdoor pool. The house even has real working lights, and a keyboard in the living room that actually plays music. The toilet even has flushing sounds. Another fun aspect of this mansion is that the elevator actually works. This dollhouse is big enough for more than one child to play at the same time.

KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse with Swimming Pool - Best Dollhouses for 2020 - Salsa and Gigi Australia


  1. KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage

    If you live in a smaller home then this doll cottage will make the perfect gift for your family. It takes up less space and has smaller bedrooms, much like an apartment does. It’s suitable for dolls and action figures that are 12 cm and shorter. The cottage fits onto a table or desk but also works well on the floor. Besides the five rooms, it has an outdoor balcony with sun umbrella. The window shutters even open and close.

KidKraft Chelsea Dollhouse - Best Dollhouses for 2020 - Salsa and Gigi Australia


  1. KidKraft Teeny House Transportable Caravan Dollhouse

    Aussies love to take their caravan out on vacation and now your child can too. This caravan actually has wheels that work, so this transportable dollhouse can be moved from room to room. It fits all 30 cm dolls and smaller. You can also hook it onto a 30 cm doll vehicle for additional fun. There are stairs to the loft bed and rooftop deck, and even a fold down table in the kitchen. 

    KidKraft Teeny House Transportable Caravan Dollhouse - Best Dollhouses for 2020 - Salsa and Gigi Australia

  2. KidKraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse

    If your child wants a bright and flashy dollhouse, the KidKraft Sparkle Mansion is both glamorous and elegant. There is a working elevator and an outdoor swimming pool for the dolls to enjoy. A double doored garage can store a play vehicle or even be used as a workshop. The modern kitchen has appliances. There are six rooms and two outdoor spaces, including a balcony. The set includes all the furniture you need and has some nice detailing on the structure.

    KidKraft Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse - Best Dollhouses for 2020 - Salsa and Gigi Australia

Any one of these five dollhouses will be sure to delight family and friends. Even better, you can buy more than one and set them up side by side!

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