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4 Simple Tips for Organising Baby Clothes

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Organising babies clothes - Salsa and Gigi

Organising your baby’s clothes and belongings is a real challenge for Mums, especially when your little one is being a handful!  It helps to know exactly where everything is, making managing a day smooth and easy. Here are some ideas for organising your baby clothes and accessories.

Use Tags

By Sizes – using tags to indicate measurements for the baby clothing, for example ‘0-6 months’ can help you pick and recognize what sizes of clothing will fit your baby. This will allow you to set aside those that don’t fit anymore or those that are too big and section off for the future when your baby grows.

By Types – you can use tags to indicate what types of clothes are in particular drawers or in the closet.  You can easily put your hands on the type needed for that sunny day or a cold rainy day.

By Colour – if you prefer colours to the wording or numbers you can definitely sort by colour!  Organising by colour can make finding your next outfit fun too.

Use Boxes

You can use boxes and baskets to organise socks, hats, headbands, stocking, shoes and other accessories.  There are so many different designs and colours to choose from so you’re sure to find something that suits. Boxes and baskets can be very handy as they can easily be carried anywhere that they are needed. 

Use Separators in Drawers

There are drawers available in different sizes and with different capacities. Either way, you can make up some dividers to place inside the drawers. Roll onesies, socks, undergarments and bibs and store them in sections of the drawer where they can easily be seen and picked.

Use Hooks

Remember that you can make use of almost every single angle and space in your room if required, especially the back of doors.  You can use hooks to hang jackets, other table supplies and more on. It is a very accessible area and with a capable stroller hook, you can keep things sleek and tidy.

There are many other ways you can keep your baby’s clothes and accessories organised. Pick a day and make sure someone will take care of your little one and you can start your baby organising project! 

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