3 Essential Items when Travelling with Kids

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3 Essential Items when Travelling with Kids - Salsa and Gigi Australia

Travelling for the first time with your kids might sound exciting. However, come to think of the fact that lies behind the excitement. There is extra baggage, tending tantrums, and a full pack of other things.

Planning to have that first trip ever can be troublesome and time-consuming. Especially if traveling overseas, having to deal with the legalities like passports, visas, different currencies – it is mostly fun, going to the airport, getting on a plane, oh so exciting.  So many things to think about prior to embarking on the journey.

What are the most important things a mother should pack while travelling with her baby or toddler?  Will she have to bring the entire baby nursery with her? Well, aside from the essentials like baby clothes and foods some accessories play a vital role in a smooth trip with your little angel.

Let us talk about these three basic yet essential items to carry with you while you travel with your baby.

Stroller Hooks

Yes, stroller hooks can be an essential accessory when travelling.  Imagine the many things you need to carry with a child.  A stroller hook can help you bring those, by hooking it on a luggage cart!  With this, you can freely and comfortably deal with what your baby needs while pushing luggage carts along.  Especially, when you are at the airport or the like.  

Little handy toys

Kids will surely be bored and grumpy especially when the travel time takes long, they also can have very short attention spans.  Kids can’t handle being at one place for a long time, most wanting to explore and move around. Refrain your kids from getting off their seats while on a long bus, train or plane ride by bringing their favorite toys to play with.   This can save you big time!  Be sure to choose a few little and handy toys so that it will be easy for you to carry/store and would not cause any inconvenience to other passengers.  

I almost don't want to recommend this but it will honestly be a life saver for you - an iPad and head phones with all their favourite TV shows and movies loaded on.  Although it may be hard to get them off it, what's important when you are travelling is your sanity!

Baby First Aid Kits

If your baby is travelling for the first time, or even if it is not, you need to bring your first aid kits.  You can never get wrong in carrying one along with you.  Kids are susceptible to infections and falls.  Be sure to have a complete set of first aid essentials.  The kit could have simple items like band-aids, saline solution, cold and cough medicine, bandages, hot and cold packs. 

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